How To Make More Money As A Dietitian In 2023

how to make more money as a dietitian

Are you a dietician looking for ways to make more money? As a skilled professional, you have a choice between taking up a regular side hustle or utilizing your dietitian knowledge. 

The world is your oyster (or whatever dietary alternative you’d recommend). This article will discuss how to make more money as a dietitian in 2023. 

Nutrition And Medical Side Hustles

The first way to make money as a dietitian is using your existing expertise and knowledge:

  1. Create online courses. Many more people today are conscious of their health. They may be looking to learn about alternative ways to stay healthy. Creating a nutrition course online to share some of your knowledge is a great way for dietitian’s to start ‘side hustling’. 
  2. Create eBooks, nutrition guides, or recipe books. Making digital products like books or guides to help people understand nutrition is an easy (albeit time consuming) way to make income. We do have a “time-hack” for you later on though.
  3. Have a private practice on the side. Why not supplement a full-time job with a private part-time practice on the side? It uses the exact same skills and knowledge and is easy to get going.
  4. Build up a nutrition social media and build it. Just like courses, people go to social media to find new recipes or information. So, why not provide people a page to do that on!
  5. Conduct medical reviews. Medical reviews are found on pages like Healthline and other medical articles online. Dieticians can get set up with these pages and provide reviews on medical articles to earn some extra money. 
  6. Provide nutrition coaching. This again is similar to a private practice, but can be done digitally. Dieticians can also provide specific coaching like vegan, vegetarian, keto, or celiac nutrition coaching. 
  7. Host cooking classes online. This is to get out of the medical side of nutrition, and into the fun side of it! But hosting a YouTube or live stream cooking class is a great way to teach and have fun. 

Key Discussion Points:

As a dietitian, you’re an expert in the field of medical nutrition therapy. You’re able to really help others by treating illness and disease through proper food, nutrition, and diet. Dietitians are also great candidates to help themselves.

What do we mean by this?

You dietitians have a wealth of technical and medical expertise that can very easily transform into a side hustle. As we know, side hustles can accelerate your earnings, all whilst maintaining the security of your regular job. Sounds pretty good right? 

In addition, dietitians often earn higher than average incomes. This means that if you’re sensible with your money, you may have greater disposable income to invest (consider index funds, cryptocurrency and stocks). You could also invest in other assets, aiming to earn passive income every single month

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    Other Side Hustles For Dietitians

    Dieticians, much like lawyers, engineers, and other professionals, are in no way limited to only take up side hustles in their respective fields.

    In fact, with some more disposable income from their full-time jobs, dieticians can start a wide variety of side hustles, either by hiring consultants and freelancers, or working with peers to get them set up.

    Some of the best side hustles for dieticians include the following:

    1. Start a monetized blog. Using ad, affiliate, or traffic revenues to monetize blogs and podcasts allows dieticians to share info about nutrition (or any other subject they’re interested in).
    2. Run home or AirBnB rentals. With additional disposable income and more upfront investments, dieticians can rent out their homes privately, or rent on AirBnB to make regular side income.
    3. Start a website. Whether about nutrition, cars, politics, or something in between; websites can easily be monetized. With a little upfront investment, websites are an easy side hustle. Start with hosting here. 
    4. Build a small business in a different field. A small business is something that anyone can start. Whether it’s selling handmade products on Etsy or drop shipping sweaters on Shopify; a small business is a side hustle that a dietician can start and manage in their spare time. Remember to consider if you need an LLC for your online business.
    5. Be an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing can be done on any social media platform, website, podcast, or blog. With a big enough following this can grow to a sizeable side hustle.
    6. Get on peer-to-peer platforms. Platforms like Uber, Skip the Dishes, scooter apps, or different lending platforms are all platforms that can help dieticians earn income on the side just by either lending cash or time.
    7. Become a public speaker. Being a public speaker may be limiting to the field that you specialize in, but it is something that anyone can take up, if they are able to build a personal brand.
    8. Sell digital products. This is similar to affiliate marketing, but dieticians can go one step further and host products on their own website, Amazon, or eBay to sell.
    how to make more money as a dietitian
    How Bad Do You Want It?

    Are these the types of things you were expected when considering how to make more money as a dietitian?

    If you were looking to escape the dietician world entirely then consider:

    Or keep reading for some bonus tips on how to make more money as a dietitian.

    How To Make Passive Income As A Dietitian

    Everyone wants to make some more money. 

    Once you can separate your time from your earning power you are liberated! Suddenly your earning potential becomes limitless. You are not constrained by the 24-hours in a day and can literally earn money in your sleep. 

    But how do you achieve this? 

    Well for starters – make sure you’ve read Passive Income For Beginners.

    Afterwards, choose one of the side hustles above. The key is to delegate and automate the process. You are the business owner and CEO, not the worker. 

    An Example Of How To Make More Money As A Dietitian

    Here’s some examples: 

    1. Build a wordpress blog
    2. Sell digital products
    3. Create ebooks

    Let’s choose the wordpress blog as an example.

    1. Simply setup the blog via – How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2023
    2. Head over to Fiverr. 
      1. Find a logo designer
      2. Find a content writer
      3. Find a website designer
      4. Find a social media manager

    Any additional work you need doing, delegate! 

    As you can see, you’ve already created a crack team for your new business. You are now managing a team rather than directly completing the work. 

    Once the business is up and running, you can create a well oiled machine, through which you can earn good income. Eventually this may require just a few hours a week!

    Sounds better than a second full time job right?

    The limitations of this method are that an initial financial investment (rather than time investment) is required before income starts rolling in. If you have more spare time than money, you can of course take on more of the work yourself. Either way, the end goal should be to automate the process. 


    Hopefully you’ve been inspired by our suggestions on how to make more money as a dietitian. 

    Remember, you’re not limited to jobs based solely in the dietitian world. You can take on any of the infinite side hustle options out there. 

    Additionally, maybe your answer to how to make more money as a dietitian is simply to invest? Make your money work for you!

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