Best Side Hustles For Engineers

Side Hustles For Engineers

Searching for the best side hustles for engineers? 

Look no further!

Admittedly, with very specific skills and non-stop schedules, engineers may not be obvious candidates for a side hustle.

However, their technical knowledge and expertise can be put to good use to create very profitable side hustles.

Particular side hustles for engineers of course depend on their field of engineering. However, remember there are side hustles that anyone can do regardless of their profession!

We have loads of articles for that! But there are some side hustles that are fairly industry specific and that’s what we’ll talk about today. 

Let’s start with some side hustles for the main “categories” of engineers. Later, we’ll briefly mention some side hustles that any engineer could pick up in their spare time. 

side hustles for engineers

Side-Hustles For Each Type Of Engineer

There are many different types and niches of engineer. So, today we’ll specifically look into side hustles for mechanical engineers, civil engineers, computer engineers, and then side hustles for any engineer.

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are often responsible for designing, building, and using various equipment and tools that are highly technical in nature.

Whether in automotive, oil and gas, or aerospace, mechanical engineers are often the brains behind our favorite machines. (If you’re one of them, you have my utmost respect!)

This means that mechanical engineers often have tremendous technical knowledge and the ability to build, design and maintain different tools and machines. This gives them a unique advantage to take on some of the following side hustles:

  • Start a mechanical engineering blog! A targeted niche blog can earn 6 figures a month when well established. You already have the knowledge, so why not monetize it? Here’s our step-by-step guide to starting your own blog with Bluehost.
  • Freelance engineering consultant. Of course, why not supplement a full-time job with a freelance job in the same field? While this may sound unimaginative… who cares! If it makes you the extra income you need to invest or improve your quality of life, go for it! For some, freelancing grows into their own business and becomes their full-time income.
  • CAD designing and consulting. CAD is technical design software that is difficult to use without training. So, offering these services on online marketplaces is a great way to get out there. Consider getting started quickly today on Fiverr!
  • Part-time repairman. With that much knowledge, you can help people out by doing minor fixes in their homes. Every little help and anything you earn is extra income. You can therefore see this as a monthly bonus. Consider investing it straight into your savings account!
  • Teach courses online. Even non-engineers may want to learn about mechanics, robotics, or other engineering fields. So why not teach it? 
  • Make viral “build-it” videos. Many businesses and individuals have gained fame on Instagram and TikTok for posting videos of themselves building, deconstructing, or maintaining things in their day-to-day jobs. 
  • Rent supplies and tools. Although you do have to be careful when renting your tools out, this is still an easy way to make some money on the side.

This list is heavily geared toward the fact that mechanical engineers have unique abilities. Essentially utilizing all of their technical expertise and ability to build, design, and maintain things. They can also teach others, even simple things can impress the average layman. Some mechanical engineers have even gotten famous (rich) just by showing off their engineering know-how online..

engineer side hustles money

Side Hustles For Civil Engineers

Civil engineers, like their mechanical counterparts, are responsible for building, planning, and maintaining infrastructure in your community.

Their skills may not be as publicly distributable as other types of engineers, but they are still able to latch onto some profitable industry-specific skills and side hustles:

  • CAD consulting. Much like mechanical engineers, this is a great way to earn some money on the side using your technical knowledge.
  • Drone rentals and footage. Many civil engineers know some of the coolest sights and buildings in their city. So, use your skills with drones and other aerial footage machines to take sky-high videos and photos. Selling these to individuals, businesses or film companies can be a great earner!
  • Survey land and do remote sensing. Again, using drones, civil engineers can rent out equipment and offer skills to help with surveying new projects.
  • Real estate photos and inspections. Most civil engineers have an understanding of real estate and land requirements. Therefore doing inspections and taking videos on the side is a great way to earn extra cash.
  • Start a civil engineering blog! Deja-vu? Yep, civil engineer’s can also cash in on the blogging business! Niche blogs can be much easier to rank for and demand some immediate authority. Don’t go too narrow on your sub-niche mind – you still need good numbers of readers. Here’s our step-by-step guide to starting your own blog.

These side hustles are geared toward the knowledge and tools that many civil engineers possess. As I’m not a civil engineer (or an engineer of any kind), please correct me in the comments if we’re miles off the mark! 

Computer Engineers

Computer engineers probably have the greatest side hustle potential of all engineers.

Think about it, computer engineers can take their side hustle anywhere in the world! All they need is a computer and internet access. 

Many computer engineers use remote access technology or other software to help people with their own computers. This means they can use their immense knowledge of computer software, coding, and programming to take on a side hustle with relatively little effort.

  • Remote computer assistance. Using remote access, computer engineers can help others with IT troubleshooting and other computer problems by remotely accessing their computer. Once again we recommend Fiverr for getting started on your side hustle. 
  • Build apps and software. Software development and app development is one of the most popular (and highest paying) side hustles for computer engineers.
  • Website development and coding. Ever seen a website that is simply better than everything else in that niche? Chances are it was professionally coded and built by a computer engineer! This is an area where you can make big bucks. 
  • Programing and coding consulting. Providing freelance consulting on online marketplaces for programming and coding is an easy way to make money on the side. Again – Fiverr is your friend.
  • Build online courses. Today, most people know they’ll need to learn about coding, programming and IT. So why not make a course out of it?!
  • Freelance systems testing. Systems testing and beta testing is something that computer engineers may have a leg-up on because of their technical expertise. So whether it be video games, websites, apps, or software, providing beta testing and feedback is a fun side hustle.
  • Rent IT equipment. Most computer engineers have loads of equipment -whether it be cables, monitors, or accessories. So why not rent it out or sell it?
  • UX and UI design. For computer engineers looking to get into more creative side hustles, UX and UI design are fields where they can apply their coding and software skills while designing websites.
  • Fix computers on the side. Just like providing remote assistance, computer engineers could also take the Geek Squad route and do hardware repairs on the side.

These can all be lucrative and accessible side hustles for computer engineers. Additionally, they can be started with very little investment. These side hustles could one day earn great incomes! There is such a growing need for services like this so the sky is the limit.

Side Hustles For Any Engineer

As mentioned in my “16 Side Hustles for Lawyers” blog, there are some non-industry specific side hustles for everyone. These may be a personal passion of yours or tie into your general skills as an engineer.

Some of the top side hustles include the following:

  • 3D printing
  • Freelance consulting
  • Teach and create online courses and videos
  • Rent spaces through AirBnB
  • Drive as an Uber driver in your time off
  • Writing blogs, or hosting podcasts
  • Write eBooks or courses for people who want to learn about engineering
  • Be a part of peer-to-peer platforms (dog walking, scooters, etc.)
  • Create a small business using your skills
  • Affiliate marketing.

If you’re an engineer and have an idea for a side hustle, let me know in the comments!

Did we forget to mention your engineering field?

Did we grossly misinterpret the very definition of engineer?

Give us your thoughts below!

Best of luck in your side hustle adventures.

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