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Ok, Let's Discuss Money...

The thing that everyone wants more of, yet no-one talks about. 

Maybe until recently you’ve been like most people:

Afraid of admitting you don’t know nearly as much about your financial system as you should…

Feeling like it’s too late (or too early) to reshape your financial perspectives, and your future...

These sorts of money worries are exactly what inspired us to create Fire The Boss.

We're here to help you to feel more financially empowered and upgrade your money game fast.

time is money

About Time

The real reason you're here.

"Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend!" 

Contrary to the flashy ads invading your Facebook feed, financial independence is not about Lamborghinis, mansions and Rolexes. 

Sure, those things might be nice... but the most coveted asset in the world is not money. Nope, not diamonds, nor bitcoin - it's time!

After all, what is the value of money if you have no time?

For this reason, our message is simple. Earn more, spend less, invest the difference. Practice this and you stand a chance of seizing back control of your time!

Stop accepting a life of mediocrity.

Join the Fire The Boss uprising!

How We Got Started

Hi, I'm Fraser, founder and author of Fire The Boss.

As a full-time physician I spent the better part of the Covid pandemic covered in personal protective equipment, navigating the chaos of an overwhelmed hospital ward. You might think that finding the time to invest, launch multiple businesses and plot my early retirement would have been impossible.

It very nearly was!

However, I discovered that building a rock solid foundation of financial understanding can make investing and saving money the best thing you’ve ever done. It can also ignite the kind of entrepreneurial fire that turns even your wildest business ideas into tangible results. Don't get me wrong, there'll definitely be some bumps along the way - but that's part of the adventure.

I created Fire The Boss to share my knowledge and entrepreneurial escapades, whilst guiding our readers (that's you!) towards financial freedom. I offer honest accounts; the good, the bad and the ugly. I also love hearing your stories and tips so please keep them coming 📩

Note: credit must of course be given to my partner in crime Becky and our oversized pooch Duke (pictured). After all, if you're going to retire early, you need a great team to spend it with!


Fire The Boss Founder Fraser

The Fire The Boss Blog

I crafted this "veritable compendium of financial wisdom" (a reader's words, not mine - promise) to be your one-stop resource for all of the burning financial questions you've always wanted the answer to.

In my posts, you'll find helpful tips for your journey towards financial freedom, entrepreneurial success and the early retirement of your dreams. Or, at the very least I hope you find them entertaining!

The only remaining question is:

Will you grab your financial destiny by the horns and...

Fire YOUR Boss??

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Earning more, spending less, investing the difference. Eventually this builds you a perpetual money making machine and the ability to finally tell your boss what you really think of them. Remember, time is the most valuable commodity in the world. Financial independence gives you control of how you spend it.

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Investing is the practice of buying income generating or appreciating assets with your hard earned and saved-up money. Examples are buying companies (through shares on the stock market), bonds (loans to companies or governments), and real estate. Essentially – make your money work for you, not the other way around!

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Personal finance is basically everything financial in your life. Taxes, mortgages, debt, credit scores etc. The more financially literate you become the less these things will scare you. Don’t be a passive bystander – become a money maestro!


Optimise your spare time and plan for the future. Remember to enjoy the journey to financial freedom, not just the destination… After all, what good is retiring early if you suffered 20 years of misery to get there!

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Investing in real estate can be daunting (yet profitable!) Take the fear-factor out of the equation by becoming a real estate expert.

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