30 Most Lucrative Side Hustles

30 Most Lucrative Side Hustles

Here you’ll find thirty opportunities for extra income through lucrative side hustles to suit all walks of life. Work from home or have a side gig outdoors, and never again fret about the monthly budget.

How Do I Start Lucrative Side Hustles?

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First and foremost, side gigs don’t have to be drudgery. If possible, monetize your hobby instead of picking the first viable option that pops up. You’ll thank yourself once the cash starts rolling in without making you burn out in the process.

Once you have a general idea, get familiar with your chosen field. You can make money from food blogging, selling wooden planes, or teaching ventriloquism – but only if you do it right.

Managing your expectations is yet another essential point. Learn how much you can earn as a copywriter, Etsy seller, or whatever else sparked your interest. 

Lucrative means different things to different people. Choosing from various side hustle ideas is much easier when you know where you stand.

You’ve tried real estate investment and the stock market. Or you haven’t, but those options are too much of a monetary risk. 

We didn’t stop at the gig economy, either. Besides online options, you’ll find various ways to make extra money without relying on the Internet. Get modern or stay old-school—it’s up to you.

Finally, know how much time you can spare

30 Most Lucrative Side Hustles

Now that we’ve set the standards, let’s get down to business.Lucrative Side Hustles

#1: Blogging

Rate: $200 to $2,500 per month

Is there a particular topic you find interesting? Do you wish to share your thoughts with the world? Blogging might be the ideal way to make money from home.

Setting everything up is easy-breezy, now with WordPress and similar services. All you need to do next is get writing and engage your audience.

The actual money-making aspect comes from marketing and advertising. For that reason, you need to gain traction to start raking it in. Learn how to increase blog traffic and become relevant faster.

#2: Life Coaching

Rate: $75 to $200 per hour

Life coaching can become a lucrative online side hustle (or offline if you can build a live audience).

There’s an initial investment to consider here as you get a certificate and set up everything. You can find your niche and define the key messages to transfer to others during that time.

#3: Ghostwriting

Rate: $30 to $200 per hour

Ghostwriting is an amazing side hustle idea for aspiring writers. 

The scope is massive, including everything from journalistic pieces to mystery novels. Practice your skills for an author piece down the line or maintain anonymity while enjoying the joys of creative writing.

Since it could take months or even years to finish a whole book, try arranging payment per hour or section rather than a finished project.

Alternatively, choose smaller tasks for speedy revenue. Think speeches and opinion pieces.

Tip: If ghostwriting sounds like something you’d enjoy, start small and build up your portfolio. You won’t get to write Beyonce’s autobiography if you have nothing to prove your skill.

#4: Copywriting

Rate: $20 per hour

Unlike ghostwriting, copywriting offers a near-immediate return on investment. 

Content production for commercial uses isn’t as creative, making it more accessible for the general population. Plus, as a freelance writer, you can choose your topic every day of the week, thanks to websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Freelance Writing Jobs.

Payment varies with these side gigs, but it packs a financial punch once you get good and become selective about prospective employers. 

Sign up, set up a profile (include some original pieces), and get jobs from companies looking to hire one-off freelancers. You get bonus points for previous experience, university education, and familiarity with SEO tools.

Lucrative Side Hustles#5: Proofreading/Editing

Rate: $10 to $45 per hour

Are grammar errors your pet peeve? Do you find yourself mentally rearranging sentences in newspapers, books, and blog posts?

No lucrative side hustle from home will suit you as much as proofreading!

The process mirrors finding a writing gig, where you visit freelance websites and find tasks that spark your interest. You could also set yourself up with a local blog or newspaper for a more regular arrangement.

It’s your job to go through written content and fix grammar, punctuation, style, and flow errors. Make the text high-quality enough for publishing, and you’ll get re-hired.

#6: Tutoring

Rate: $25 per hour

Was there a particular subject you liked in school?

You don’t need a degree or any particular skill set to tutor kids in math, English, or whatever else is your strong suit. All it takes is amiability and patience.

This side gig is a convenient way to make money from home, and it doesn’t have to impact your schedule. Get your hands on current textbooks and organize classes on Sunday mornings. Live the rest of your life uninterrupted with additional work.

If you play an instrument, paint, or speak another language, expect an ever higher demand for your services.

#7: Tutorial Production

Rate: $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views

Woodworking, painting, tackling electronic devices, doing yoga—whatever it is, people use the Internet to learn it. There are even videos showing viewers how to do basic things, like using a washing machine or cooking eggs.

Record yourself doing something useful and post it on YouTube. The platform pays per view, so you can expect this lucrative online side hustle to grow in profitability with time.

Note: If you’re a professional in a particular field, your tutorials can become online courses, which pay much better.

#8: Pet Sitting

Rate: $25 to $30 per day

Do unlimited cuddles sound like something you’d enjoy? Pet sitting is a side hustle idea worth your attention.

This task requires very little effort and can earn you a lot (especially if you advertise in a rich neighborhood). Promote your services during the vacation season, offering to bring the pet to your place and care for it as your own.

Dog walking is another option. It can become a steady side gig, and it works especially well if you’re already on regular walking duty with your own furry friends.

#9: Babysitting

Rate: $20 per hour

Babysitting is a lucrative side hustle with double benefits. Infuse positivity into your life by spending time with children and supplementing your income—all in one (baby)sitting.

To increase the money received for the task, advertise to well-off neighborhoods. Most working-class families hire teens, but rich parents appreciate the safety of another adult taking care of their kids.

Tip: If you play an instrument, do arts and crafts, or speak a second language, include that in your service. That way, you double your side gig and the cash it brings.

#10: House Sitting

Rate: $25 to $30 per day

House sitting is likely among the easiest jobs to do if you can afford to be away from home. People who travel a lot need others to care for their plants, clean the dust, and make the house seem lived-in.

You’ll be living life as normal (only in another’s home) and earning money for it. Assume the responsibilities you’d otherwise do at home and combine this one with another side gig if you’re feeling particularly entrepreneurial.

This lucrative side hustle grants you an advantage over youngsters, too. People are more likely to trust you not to throw parties and ruin their white couch than they would a teenager.

#11: Rental Hosting

Rate: $50 to $200 per night

Do you have a spare room in your house? Services like Airbnb let you rent it out to tourists, business people, or anybody else looking for a place to stay. This side hustle idea asks for minimal effort. All you need is available space and the willingness to share it with others.

If constantly changing guests sound like too much of a hassle, find a nice renter and offer them a continuous stay. It’s an excellent way to ensure passive income without the investments that usually come with this field.

#12: Tour Guidance

Rate: $8 to $12 per hour

Do you live near a notable tourist location? If you’ve been there for a while, you’re more than capable of showing them around and providing entertaining information about the locale.

You don’t have to cooperate with a local agency, either. Organize a tour on your own, map it out, and make a website.

Advertise locally and online and organize bookings. This way to make extra money works especially well in small towns where word gets around quickly.

Laundry Services

#13: Laundry Services

Rate: $15 per load

Do you enjoy the calming nature of ironing and folding clean clothes?

Many people don’t, and they’re ready to pay good money for somebody else to do it. 

Cleaning other people’s clothes might not sound like a lucrative side hustle, but think about it. How many moms and business people too busy for small chores are there in your area?

Advertise your services near schools and office buildings, and calls will follow.

If you have a large washing machine and a dryer, you can simultaneously tackle your load and what the client brought. Voila! You’re earning while doing what already needed to be done.

#14: House Cleaning

Rate: $14 per hour

For some, cleaning is a calming process that doubles as physical activity. Others find it a source of great stress, and they will pay to get rid of it.

Building a client base is easy with this side gig, too. After all, houses need regular cleanups. Do the job well, offer weekly services for a package fee, and ask for referrals. Several months in, you have a stable secondary income source coming right up.

#15: Catering

Rate: $25 to $45 per person

Do you fancy yourself a chef? Do oohs and aahs often follow the food at your dinner parties?

Let others have a (literal) taste of your skills with amateur catering.

Catering is among the most lucrative side hustles you can take up on your own schedule. Start by making food for a friend’s event and let the word spread around. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking up a storm for a local corporate event.

#16: Party Planning

Rate: $500 to $750 per event

Putting together elaborate events can be a challenge, but it’s one you enjoy. Put your skills to the test with this lucrative side hustle that doubles as a fun time.

Much like with catering, start by helping the people you know. Let the word spread around and expand your hobby into a business.

Tasks on your to-do list might include: 

  • Deciding on the theme
  • Sending out invites
  • Organizing food and drinks
  • Hiring a venue
  • Booking entertainment

#17: Delivery Driving

Rate: $18 per hour

Is there a particular restaurant in the neighborhood that doesn’t do food delivery? What about convenience stores? Deliveries are in high demand, and you’re about to take advantage of that.

Many large companies (like Uber Eats) let you work part-time and determine your schedule.

All you need is a driver’s license and familiarity with the general area for this lucrative side hustle. You’re ready to turn your car into an income source before you know it.

#18: Taxi Driving

Rate: $14 per hour

Do you enjoy driving around your town? Are you aware of secret passages, alleyways, and most scenic views accessible by car? Taxi driving sounds like a side gig for you.

Most people who take this position are self-employed, working whenever they want. 

Getting everything set up is pretty straightforward, too. Contact a local taxi station, and they’ll inform you of any necessary licenses and state-required training.


#19: Gardening

Rate: $23 per hour

Much like homes, gardens need regular maintenance to stay their best-looking, healthiest selves. Exercise your green thumb in other people’s back yards with this lucrative side hustle that soothes the soul.

Advertise your services in early spring to ensure year-round work. Do tasks like weeding, planting, trimming, and managing various herbs.

#20: Selling Crafts

Rate: Varies

Whether you enjoy knitting, baking, making party favors, or painting on little mugs, you can turn your activity into a lucrative side hustle from home.

Handmade is all the rage among the new generations. Fast fashion is going out of style, and they want objects made with love.

Visit a local craft fair and show off your skills. Alternatively, set up an online store on a platform like Etsy or Shopify.

Pricing is tricky with this one. As a rule of thumb, take the price of materials and add $10 per hour spent making the item.

#21: Photoshoots

Rate: $25 per hour

Grab a camera, visit local events, and supplement your income with photoshoot side gigs. Become an all-around photographer or specialize in portraits, weddings, or whatever else. Choose your gigs and rate and never compromise your schedule while earning extra cash.

As a bonus, advertisement happens naturally with this type of work. Put up a website and encourage word of mouth to maximize the gains from this lucrative side hustle.

Tip: Apart from taking pics for people, sell them to stock image websites. Just be sure to leave out people’s faces or have them sign a model form.

#22: Providing Repair Services

Rate: $15 per hour

When devices fail, tech-savvy people are in high demand. The most lucrative side hustles are exactly like this—quick and easy but profitable, as people want their tech up and running as soon as possible.

Once you do a good job, leave a contact and advise regular maintenance to the client. They’ll be sure to call you the next time there’s an issue, letting you build a client base.

#23: Taking Surveys

Rate: 40 cents to $2 per survey

Filling out questionnaires is a money-making opportunity that sounds too good to be true. 

It’s not the most lucrative side hustle, but it pays well enough for the minimum necessary effort. If you’re lucky, you’ll even have fun doing it!

Find a legit website that pays real money for your opinions. We suggest Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks as excellent options. Register, sit back, and let your significance as a customer rake in some precious dollars.

#24: Vehicle Advertisements

Rate: Up to $500 per month

Do you notice the ads on buses and cabs as you’re riding around town? Your vehicle can become a money-making machine, too.

Adding an advertising wrap to your car is among the most lucrative side hustles for near-zero effort. Simply set up the ad text and keep driving as you normally would as money pours into your bank account.

#25: Graphic Design

Rate: $20 to $25 per hour

Turn your design experience into a lucrative online side hustle. Many freelance websites, like 99designs and Fiverr, let you advertise your previous work and get connected with new clients at your discretion.

Be sure to create or update a portfolio to attract buyers that pay well. Once you get things off the ground, start picking projects that speak to you,  increasing the enjoyment you get from your creative work.

#26: Social Media Management

Rate: $15 to $50 per hour

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through the various feeds? Use your practical understanding of the medium to make money from home.

Social media managers are in high demand. Get familiar with the basic principles of this field and look for entry-level jobs—they’re all over LinkedIn. Tasks include: 

  • Producing and posting content
  • Launching and managing campaigns
  • Reviewing analytics

#27: Customer Service

Rate: $20 per hour

All you need is a phone and reliable Internet connection to sign up for customer service jobs. An increasing number of companies are hiring their support teams remotely, replacing micromanagement with a more lenient attitude.

This option is perfect if you already work from home. Get it as a side gig, spend the hours when there’s a lull in your regular job answering emails, and double your income.

#28: Virtual Assistant Services

Rate: $20 to $40 an hour

Do you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades that can help any business flourish? Virtual assistants are pretty similar to their physical counterparts, only performing tasks from their homes instead of physical offices.

To make the most of this lucrative side hustle, pick a field you’re already proficient in. For example, lawyers thrive as virtual assistants in law firms, requiring half the time to finish all necessary tasks.

#29: Audio Book Narration

Rate: $80 per hour

Did you always get compliments about your soothing or booming voice? Turn bedtime story hour into a lucrative side hustle from home.

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, you can now reap quite a financial reward for reading and recording your speech. You’ll need an initial investment of a sound-proof room and quality microphone, but once you do, the money keeps flowing in.

#30: Being a Movie Extra

Rate: $100 to $200 per day

Local Facebook groups and Instagram pages might call for extras in commercials, music videos, or show episodes. You don’t need to be an actor—it’s your natural presence that earns money.

As long as you’re not too shy of the cameras, this lucrative side hustle asks for little time and effort and compensates quite well.

If you get a taste for it, connect with a local agency and start pursuing this side gig on the reg.


Extra Income: Easier Than Ever

So, what did we learn?

  1. Start by thinking about ways to make extra money that you enjoy. If that’s impossible, pick something tolerable.
  2. Don’t go in blind, even if you’re generally familiar with the niche. Learn about the industry before dedicating time and energy to it.
  3. Know what you want and need. Determine your cash goals, and don’t let promises of money heaps drag you into something you don’t want to do.
  4. Understand your limits. Never enter a position because it sounds manageable before checking your existing schedule. Prevent burnout with mindfulness.

Share this post and tell us what you think.

Or did none of the choices seem quite right

If that’s the case, don’t worry. We’ve only discussed the tip of the iceberg. 

Use this lucrative side hustle list as a starting place. An additional round of research and you’re guaranteed to find the option for you.

Our blog is teeming with deep dives into the topics only briefly mentioned in this guide. Check our indispensable resources on individual side hustles and set yourself up for success. Achieve financial independence… with our expert assistance!


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