How To Make Money On Younow In 2023

How to Make Money on Younow

Let’s talk about how to make money on YouNow. 

If you haven’t heard of YouNow. We’ll give you a hint: You could earn money by streaming daily activities that you’re currently doing for free! 

Keep reading to find out more.

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What Is YouNow?

YouNow is a live streaming platform where content creators can build fan bases who tune in to watch them do different activities. From music to comedy to lifestyle, there are streamers out there for everything you can think of.

Forget “there’s an app for that”. Now, “there’s a stream for that”.

What Do You Need To Make Money on YouNow?

make money on younow

To be able to stream on YouNow, you’re going to need a couple of things:

  1. Good Wifi Access
  2. The Right Equipment
  3. A good Mobile phone/Laptop
  4. Build an audience
  5. A talent or a skill

First, you need access to good WiFi. Fans can get upset and leave the stream if there are lots of connection issues. 

Second, you need the right equipment!

Most streamers start out using their phones, so that’s alright. However, the most popular streamers seem to have computer and webcam setups to provide a higher quality live video experience.

Next, you need to build a YouNow audience/community. As with all online media-based side hustles, you followers are the lifeblood of your business. 

Other than that, you’ll need a decent personality, special talent, or skill! Skills like cooking, dancing, singing, comedy, gaming, etc. are easy ways to get your live-streaming account off the ground.

Don’t have any cool skills? Don’t worry!

There are tons of people out there who just want to watch everyday activities like morning and evening routines, making your meals for the day, and even house tours.

How Much Money Can You Make On YouNow?

How much money could you make on YouNow?

It’s up to you!

Some users have made as much as $1000 per 45-minute stream!

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    Where Does The Money Come From On YouNow?

    #1. Your viewers!

    Viewers on YouNow can purchase the app’s currencies, bars and diamonds. They can then use the bars or diamonds to tip their favorite streamers during their live videos. You, the streamer, get to keep a certain percentage of the money the viewer used to buy the bars and diamonds.

    #2. YouNow partnerships program:

    If the platform deems you worthy, you can become a YouNow partner! To get partnered, you have to apply. You should apply after you’ve been streaming for a while, because the platform looks at your metrics like stream numbers, bars per stream, etc.

    You’ll be assigned a YouNow manager, and you’ll start being compensated for your live streams. YouNow partners get paid at the beginning of each month, as long as they hit their streaming “minimums”.

    There are some perks of being a partner. Managers will keep their partners updated on challenges and competitions going on in the app. Prizes can include merch, creator passes, or spots on the editor’s choice list!

    As you reach different milestones as a streamer, you’ll get rewards like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even extra bars!

    What Can You Stream To Be A Big YouNow Success?

    How To Make Money On YouNow As A Musician

    Have a certain musical talent?

    Great, as you can definitely make money on YouNow as a musician.

    Just start streaming your different musical activities, be sure to use the most popular hashtags for your skill, and start building your fanbase! You’ll be sure to have enough cred to apply for partnership in no time!

    Make Money on YouNow By Broadcasting with Others

    If you’re having a hard time getting your viewership up, or you just feel weird talking to yourself on camera, try live streaming with other YouNow creators!

    You’ll be able to get exposure to their fanbase, as well as have a more active conversation. Many streamers say this helped them gain confidence and viewers in their early days on the platform.

    Do Games And Challenges To Make Money On YouNow

    Not sure what to stream about?

    Check the games and challenges hashtags on YouNow and partake in the hooliganry! There are usually some pretty fun and interesting things going on in this part of the app, and sometimes the app itself offers some prizes for winners! The prizes can range from merch to money, so definitely don’t pass this up.

    Show Your Daily Routines And Your Home To Make Money On YouNow

    One of the strangest and coolest internet phenomena out there is the newfound obsession with knowing the mundane details of other people’s lives.

    We’re obsessed with the “morning routines”, “nighttime skincare”, “what I eat in a day” information we can glean from tuning into the monotonous portions of a stranger’s day!

    That’s great news for you if you’re interested in live streaming! Stream yourself making breakfast, showing how you do your daily makeup and hair routine, what you order from your favorite coffee shop, how you prepare to study or work on a project… you name it, the people want to see it!

    Many streamers even get requests for live house tours, even if their homes aren’t MTV Cribs worthy.

    How To Make Money Sleeping On YouNow

    Okay, this one’s a little weird, but there are streamers out there who stream themselves sleeping through the night or even napping during the day!

    We’re not saying you could dedicate a whole channel to this and make bank, but if you can find the viewers to request it, they’ll surely tip you for following through.

    Make Money On YouNow By Being Consistent

    Like your favorite childhood cartoon, live stream viewers like to know when to expect their favorite streamers to come on!

    If you can find a time of day that works for you and stream at that time 4-7 times a week, you’re sure to get some regular followers.

    It’s okay to try out a few different streaming styles in the very beginning, but the sooner you can niche your channel, the better. Whether you’re going to be a lifestyle streamer or a musician streamer, pick one and brand yourself by it so your viewers know what to expect!

    Incentivize Your Viewers To Make You More Money On YouNow

    Last but not least, remind your viewers to share your stream and tip you!

    Just reminding them will usually go a long way, but if that doesn’t work, you can offer your viewers some incentives! Offer to “follow” 10 people if they can help you increase your views and fanbase to a certain number.

    Offer to reach out to 5 viewers individually if you can get a certain amount of tips! Don’t be scared to ask for things from your viewers. They’re watching you because they like you!

    Start Streaming, Start Earning!

    Now, get out there and get streaming!

    There’s no reason not to start today.

    Be kind, be consistent, and use hashtags to your advantage. You’ll soon be on your way to a YouNow partnership!

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