Physical Fitness Boosts Earning Potential

physical fitness

Do you want to earn more money? Are there any health problems? Do you lack confidence and self-esteem? Do you want to boost your confidence so that you could earn more for yourself and your loved ones? Your physical fitness might be a factor in improving your earning potential.

These are some questions that you could face. It’s a fact that if you are healthy, we have confidence and with confidence your earning potential increases. It means that good and sound health boosts your confidence and confidence is a key to increase your wealth. Simply said, if you want to be rich, you need confidence.

Fitness, confidence, and money are connected.

Health and Confidence

Health and confidence are related to making better decisions and your overall well-being. When you are confident you eat well. With improved physical and mental health, we are better able to face daily challenges in our life. 

With good eating, our mood and mental well-being get a boost. It is important to make good and positive decisions about your health. You can make good choices when you have confidence. 

Better Looks through Physical Fitness

Eating well is one of the main things you can do to increase your health. In my weekly series Fire The Belly I comment on what I’ve eaten that week, among other things. 

Being healthy also makes you look good. Unfortunately, in today’s society conforming to this beauty ideal is important. Maybe it’s wrong, we can discuss that, but the fact is that “good looking people” have better chances in life, and make more money.

Being confident can help you in the following ways:

Nailing your Job Interview

Taking interviews is an integral part of your professional life. Confidence lets you sit in a great position and you can make a great your first impression on the interviewer. This is maybe one of the best benefits of having great physical fitness! Nailing a job interview also increases the chance you can increase your income.

Get a Better Salary

You can negotiate a better salary if you have confidence in your skills and expertise. You can request extra benefits such as vacation time and maybe a bonus.

Also, you can request a raise with confidence. You’ll feel good if you’re fit, and that carries over to negotiations like this.

Exercise Makes You Stronger

If you are physically strong, you will be mentally strong too. Your posture will be better, which makes you look powerful. It’s funny how exercise can ultimately lead you to success in other parts of your life. (Read: Fire the Belly)

To gain more strength, I recommend a mix of lifting heavy weights, with compound exercises (not compound interest!) and free weights instead of machines.

You can always throw in some martial arts. Fighting other human beings makes you incredibly strong. I enjoy Brazilian jiu jitsu, but honestly any martial arts where you can spar will work.

Reduced Stress

People who exercise regularly and are fit, feel less stressed. Physical exercise releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine into your body. You will feel calm and your mind will be empty after a good workout. You might know this feeling as runners high, which is a true thing!

With less stress, you’re likely to perform better at work which increases your earning potential.

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