How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 2022

how to start a wordpress blog in 2022

Thinking about starting a wordpress blog on bluehost for 2022? 

Want to earn passive income writing about something you love?

That’s what blogging is all about!

Our best advice is to get started today.

In this article, we’ll give you an easy 6-step guide (along with a few cheeky extras at the end for those that read the whole blog) on how to start a wordpress blog on BlueHost in 2022.

Sign up at Bluehost and then follow our step-wise guide below

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Why You Should Definitely Start A Blog In 2022.

Start a blog today for literally a few dollars a month.

That’s less than a cup of coffee!

Your humble blog has the potential to grow into a money-making machine – earning you $1000’s semi-passively every month!

I’m lucky enough to have achieved this and would passionately encourage you all to follow suit. Worst case scenario, you spend a couple of dollars a month gaining useful skills and investing in your future self. 

Remember, it’s also ok to start a blog simply for the passion of writing! Not everything in life has to be monetised.

Note – blogging is not a get rich quick scheme and will take some hard graft. But with the right motivation, the sky is the limit!

Is 2022 Too Late To Start A Blog?

Absolutely not!

The world’s need for information is limitless.

Blogging is a great way to improve the SEO of an existing website or promote your online business. A WordPress blog on BlueHost is also a way for you to make lots of passive income. In fact, some top-earning blogs make 5-, 6- and 7-figure incomes a month through ad revenue and affiliate income. 

Obviously this is perhaps improbable for the average blogger, but a small slice of these enormous profits could still be life-changing.   

Why You Should Start Your Blog With WordPress on Bluehost.

WordPress powers 40% of all websites on the internet! Take that in for a second… 

Why would you try and build a website with anyone else when all your competitors use WordPress.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, getting trapped on blogger or blogspot. Our traffic rocketed when we converted to WordPress. We would never look back! 

WordPress blogs on BlueHost offers some of the greatest options to start your blog and generate revenue. BlueHost is also one of the very best (and most affordable) hosting platforms on the market.

Still not convinced? More reasons to start a wordpress blog on bluehost in 2022:

  • Easy Navigation. Using our tutorial below, anyone can setup a wordpress blog!
  • Bonus Bundle. With our exclusive link you get a:
    • FREE domain 
    • FREE SSL Certificate
    • FREE WordPress via Bluehost with one-click set up
  • A verified bargain. Can’t beat a couple of dollars a month.
  • Being self-hosted. Should be mandatory for money-making blogs!
  • 24/7 responsive support services. I can vouch for them, helpful at any hour.
  • Go Pro. Self-hosting through Bluehost gives a premium look.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

How to Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost In 2022

Step 1 – Choose Your Unique Domain Name

The first step of any money-making or passive income blog is choosing your domain name. 

Without a domain name, there is no blog!

By this stage you should already have considered your niche and blog name. We discuss this in much more detail in another post but here’s a recap:

When registering your domain name, make it snappy, catchy, short, and memorable. You don’t want something that is too long. People need to remember it!

Some tips for choosing a good domain name include: 

  • The shorter – the better!
  • Use the right key words in your title: relevant to your business/blog.
  • Make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Avoid special characters like “_”, “-”, and “&”, 
  • Make the name as unique as you can.
  • Make sure the name can grow with you. 
  • Choose a .com if possible followed by .org and .net. then local domains like .eu


Don’t buy your domain now! It comes free with our hosting deal in the steps below!

If you need to check your domain availability, try our handy tool.

Step 2 – Let's Start Setting Up Your Blog!

You should have now arrived at the screen below (here)

Now you’ll come to 1 of 2 screens (it depends on your country). Most will see Screen 1.

Screen 1



Screen 2 (if you didn’t see option 1)


Step 3 – Buy Hosting For Your Blog

This bring us nicely to step 2 of setting up a wordpress blog on bluehost!

Before we dive into how to purchase hosting with BlueHost, let’s talk about what hosting is, and BlueHost’s pricing. 

Simply put, website hosting is when a provider (like WordPress) allocates space on their server to allow you to have data, files, and content on the website. You pay a hosting fee to be able to build and house your website on the World Wide Web.

Luckily, Blue Host makes hosting on Word Press very simple and affordable. 

Generally, you’ll notice three hosting options, depending on the capacities you need on your website. These are offered over either 12-month or 36-month period:

Plan Duration



Choice Plus


$4.95 per month

~ $59.00 per year

$7.49 per month

~ $89.00 per year

$7.49 per month

~ $89.00 per year


$2.95 per month

~ $35.00 per year

$4.95 per month

~ $65.00 per year

$5.45 per month

~ $65.00 per year

If you’re looking to start up a single blog, then the “Basic” option is almost always the best option for you. It allows you to get started with very little upfront investment!

Don’t worry, you always have the option of upgrading in the future and just paying the difference.

Contract-wise: the 36-month Basic plan is the sensible way to go.

If you lock in the Basic plan for a 36-month term, you’ll save over $215 over 3 years. Versus the 12-month plan where you’re only saving $60.00 for the year. The up-front lump sum also avoids worry about expiring credit cards, fluctuating rates, or a website that expires month-after-month.

Step 4 – Confirm Your Free Domain


On this screen, you can either connect a domain you’ve already bought through BlueHost (explained in Step 5) or create your own domain.

Once you’ve connected your domain (or skipped this step altogether) you’ll be directed to enter your information for payment. 

You don’t need the extras to start with unless you want them. Especially on a tight budget. Tip: check the total hasn’t changed before you complete!

Step 5 – Connect Your Domain And Hosting

Step 5 only applies to you if you purchased your hosting and domain on separate platforms. If you purchased both hosting and a domain name on Blue Host, you don’t have to worry about this step. 

If you for example purchased your domain on GoDaddy and hosting on Bluehost, you’re need to connect them.

Follow these steps in order to connect your domain and hosting:

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account, and go to your account manager,
  2. Go to the “Domain Names” drop down menu, and select “Manage Domains”,
  3. Select the domain name that you want to connect to your Bluehost account,
  4. Go to the “DNS Management” page for this domain,
  5. On this DNS Management page, change the “Nameserver” for your domain,
  6. Select “Custom” when choosing the Nameserver type,
  7. Finally, enter the custom nameserver given to you by Bluehost*, and click “Save”.


*The custom Nameserver by Bluehost will be “” and “”. So these are the custom nameservers that you’ll need to enter on GoDaddy. 

Back on Blue Host, you’ll also need to make sure that you add your GoDaddy domain to your Blue Host server. All you have to do for this is go to your Blue Host dashboard, click “Domains”, and click “assign”.

Step 6 – Install WordPress On Bluehost

Now that you’ve got both your domain and hosting on Blue Host, it’s time to start blogging!

To do this, you’ll need to install WordPress on your Bluehost domain. WordPress is the best and most popular publishing software, used to create stunning blogs that you can use to post articles and monetize. Plus it’s FREE!

When you login to Bluehost for the first time, BlueHost will take you through setup. This should go relatively smoothly but if you need any help, drop me a message at 

This is one of final stages of explaining how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost in 2022:

  • Create your password, and log in to your Blue Host account
  • Bluehost may first ask you to choose a theme. Either choose one you like, go for a random one or skip ahead. You can change themes whenever you like.
  • Click “Start Building”
  • Choose “Business”, “Personal” or “I don’t need help.”
  • Some will find that wordpress is already installed! Others need to follow steps in the image above…
Congratulations, you now have a wordpress blog on Bluehost! 

Enjoy this achievement for a second!

Some of you will now want to embark on your new blogging adventure.

Good Luck!

Bonus Steps:

For some sneaky extra insider tips… follow the bonus steps below.

Step 7 – Choosing A Bluehost Theme


  • We recommend a premium paid theme (but there are still some great free ones).
  • One of the most popular premium themes is the Genesis Framework. The Genesis framework offers great SEO optimization, customizability and fast loading times.
  • Login to your Blue Host and go to your WordPress dashboard. From here (on the left hand side) select “Appearance”, and open up the “Themes” menu. Browse through all of the available free and paid WordPress themes.
  • Once you’ve found the theme you like, hover over it, and click “Install”. Once it’s installed, you’ll have to click “Activate” in order to make sure that the theme actually gets used. 

Step 8 - Tricks And Tips For Using Your New Blog

Bonus tips on how to start a wordpress blog on bluehost in 2022!

8a. Create a blogging content plan!! 

This one is huge. The blogs that explode and make huge profits are the ones that have a content plan. Decide what your blogging schedule will look like and plan out your articles. This will push your blog to the top of google rankings. This requires good keyword research – try KWfinder or Mangools

Alternatively, I strongly recommend having a professional make you a well researched blog content plan. This can be done relatively cheaply on Fiverr – if you want to skip the search use this seller, he’s amazing!

8b. Figure out your niche

Before you start posting blogs left, right, and center, nail down your niche. Make sure it’s specific enough to be unique, but broad enough that you don’t run out of topics to write on. 

  • For example, instead of deciding to write solely on Bitcoin for University Students, you could write on Cryptocurrency investment for university students. 
  • Conversely, you would want to stray away from Home design as your blog niche, and focus more on Home interior design, to make it more attractive to a specific niche of readers.


Making sure you have the right niche makes it much easier to monetize your blog! You can target specific companies and partners for advertisements and affiliate links.

Don’t just blindly write articles in your niche – again, use keyword research to identify topics that you have a chance to rank on google with. 

8c. Let’s make your first post! This is quite easy, all you have to do from your dashboard is click on the “Posts” menu, and click “Add New” from the drop down menu.


Once here, you can add text, change headers and fonts, pick a color, add media, and much more. You’ll be given a blank page that fits within your pre-selected theme. All you have to do is customize and add your content. 

Once you’ve written your first blog, it’s important to first preview the blog and read it through. Make sure you like how it looks and there’s no spelling or glaring grammatical errirs 

Once you’re happy either save the draft or click “Publish” to go live on your site!

Step 9 - Secrets and Resources To Kickstart your Kickass blog

If you made it this far, you’re doing amazing. You have the commitment it takes to thrive in the blogging world!

Here are some final hidden gems that will help you start a blog on wordpress with bluehost in 2022!

To make sure that you’re able to create the best blog possible, we wanted to include the best tools, tips, and plug-ins that you can use on your WordPress blog. 

Starting with the tips, we’ve boiled our list down to 6 best tips for you to build the best blog possible:

  1. Focus first and foremost on creating good, honest, and valuable content for readers.
    You want to write a blog that actually provides value to your readers. If you’re not giving anything away, people don’t have any reason to visit your blog. Do your keyword research and smash every article out of the park!
  2. Build a community within your niche.
    Building a community doesn’t just mean gaining lots of followers and readers. Of course, this is a big part of it, but building a community also includes building relationships with other bloggers and blogs. Comment on and share your favorite blogs, be a guest poster, or host a guest poster. Always respond to commenters on your own posts.
  3. Publish on a consistent schedule.
    Publishing consistently doesn’t mean you have to publish frequently. It just means that you have to stick to a schedule. In fact, your blog will do much better if you post consistently every Monday (for example), as opposed to if you were to post three times one week, and then none for another two weeks. Building a schedule where new content is posted on the same day, at the same time of day will help build anticipation among readers and fans, and help build your fan base. Again, consider a blogging content plan.
  4. Build an email list and connect with social media.
    Building an email list and connecting your blog to dedicated social media pages is a great way to monetize your blog. Consider using an email service such as Convertkit.
  5. Be YOU.
    Nowadays, people can tell when they’re reading something that is genuine compared to something fake. So, don’t try to be someone you’re not! Be transparent, honest, and just be yourself. This means writing content in your own voice, in your own style. This will build a bigger and more committed community of readers. 
  6. Harness the power of delegation. Don’t take on the world all all at once! Whilst you get stuck into writing an incredible blog post, hire a freelancer to take care of the rest. Logos, website design, graphics, pretty much anything can be done for you at Fiverr. Alternatively, if you have talented friends, bribe them with pizza!


WordPress and Bluehost also offer over 50,000 tools and plugins to take your blog to the next level! Whether it’s gathering stats and analytics, adding an eCommerce store, or optimizing your SEO, there’s a tool for everything. Some of the best plug-ins and tools for your WordPress blog include:

  • WooCommerce, the best eCommerce plugin to host an online store on WordPress and Blue Host, especially if you want to connect a store to your blog (like a course, product, or service), 
  • WP Forms, to create better drag-and-drop forms to build an email list,
  • Yoast SEO, to help optimize your blog’s SEO to boost its ranking, and generate more traffic, 
  • UpdraftPlus, to help back up your blogs and backup your WordPress data,
  • WP Rocket, to help boost the loading speed of your blog,
  • Akismet, to protect your blog from Spam,
  • Imagify, which helps optimize and improve the quality of images on the blog,
  • Redirection, allows you to build 301 redirects on your WordPress blog and website, and helps manage any 404 errors that pop up,
  • Elementor, if you’re interested in changing the design of your website because it allows you to entirely customize whatever content you have on your WordPress website, 
  • Monster insights, which allows you to gain data on which pages have been visited, the number of visits, where visitors are from, and what actions were performed on the blog. This is greater to better understand your audience and build funnels on your WordPress blog. 


Word of warning – don’t download too many plugins. This can slow your site down and no-one wants that! 

That's all folks - good luck!

This wraps up our comprehensive tutorial on How To Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 2022.

I really hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to go forth and blog! 

If you have started a new blog, please let us know in the comments. We’d love to check it out!

Also, if you’re having any issues we’d be happy to help. Email

Best of Luck.

Fraser @ Fire The Boss

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