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elementor pro review

We need to talk about WordPress… everyone’s favorite blogging platform. 

It’s also one of the best ways to earn passive income. 

So, time to pull up a chair and take some notes!

(If you haven’t started your WordPress blog yet, do it now. Then make sure you come straight back after!)

Now… you’ve started your blog but need to make it look amazing.

Enter… Elementor. 
Ele – what now?

Elementor is a WordPress website builderLet’s dive into our Elementor Pro review and why we used it to build Fire The Boss™.  

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What Is Elementor?

Before starting our Elementor Pro Review, we need to understand what Elementor is.

Well, as per the above, Elementor is a WordPress website builder. 

But what does this mean?

Elementor is a plugin that you can download on the WordPress plugin store to build your very own website. You’ll be glad to hear that it’s also… absolutely free (though you may choose to upgrade to the pro version).  

elementor pro review

What makes it so different from the other WordPress builders?

Well they must be doing something right. 

Elementor is one of the highest-rated and biggest website builder plugins on the market. 

So, what does Elementor do? 

Well, simply put, Elementor takes user experience and advanced web design and smashes them together to allow people to create completely custom websites. This is done using intuitive drag-and-drop features. 

Need to add text? Just pop it in. 

Need to change the scrolling animation or page transitions? No problem, that’s just a couple clicks away. 

The point is, Elementor allows you to make precise decisions and designs as if you’re working in the backend of a website – without having to work in the backend of a website. 

If you’ve ever worked on websites before… That’s a freaking dream come true.

But enough of me just rambling on… Let’s talk about some of its features.

Drag And Drop Like A Pro

Like I said before… The big upside to working with Elementor’s live drag-and-drop editor.

Elementor provides people with the ability to just grab one of the assets from the menu on the right-hand side and plop it anywhere on the site.

Buttons, text, images, links, colors… You name it. 

Elementor makes the visual design and user design of a website dead easy. 

As you’re dragging and dropping until your little heart’s content, your website will start to materialise. 

As someone with minimal (no) coding ability, this was liberating. 

The system also utilizes live edits, and fast designs. 

In other words, Elementor was specifically designed so that you could make pixel-perfect, live, front-end edits with just a few clicks. This eliminates the need to waste time in the backend of a website, mucking about with website changes. 

You can access more than 300 blocks and more than 100 WordPress templates on Elementor. 

This means you have a lot of choice when it comes to designing the site.

Just select what you want, and customize away.

Widgets... Lots Of Widgets!

In addition to the hundreds of templates, Elementor also provides people the opportunity to choose from over 90 different dynamic widgets to place on the site. 

This means that you can not only design the site the way you’ve always imagined it… But you can make it intuitive and user-friendly to boot. 

Ranging from header and footer widgets to social media, all the way to integrating ratings, alerts, accordions, carousels, HTML, anchors, and much more… 

There are tons of widgets to make your website more responsive. 

Optimise Your Workflow

If that’s not enough for you, then get a load of Elementor pro. 

Yes, there’s a pro feature, and I’m going to get into that in a second. 

But when you’re signed up with Pro, you have the ability to optimize your workflows

It does this by saving your website’s settings and designs as you make the website. 

No more manual saves or losing things as you go. 

Elementor automatically makes those changes, making your life much easier.

It Helps Our Your Business

Aside from all these stand-up features, Elementor also really focuses on making sure that you get business. 

It has templates and widgets specifically designed to capture leads on the website… and convert those leads. 

I’m talking forms, lightboxes, email subscription options, portals etc.

These allow visitors to sign up on the website, and allows you to use a handful of integrations to link your site up with social media and other lead tools. 

Are There Any Downsides To Elementor?

One thing worth noting is that if you’re an expert coder, wanting to build and manually customize every part of their new website – this is probably not the website builder for you. But if you’re an advanced coder… you already know this. This obviously only applies to a very small group of people, but we thought it was worth noting. 

How To Install Elementor?

Truthfully, this bit is super easy. 

But I’ll show you anyway…

Go to the WordPress plugin store, or just google “WordPress Elementor plugin”, and you’re going to land on this page.

elementor pro review

Then just hit download… And install it on your WordPress site. 

The setup from there is pretty intuitive. You don’t need me for that bit. 

(Though as always if you’re having trouble, drop me an email info@firetheboss.com)

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

Okay, the best bit. 

This mama jama is completely free!

Just a couple clicks gives you access to a good chunk of the features on Elementor.

But what about Elementor Pro? 

Great question my friend!

Elementor Free Vs Pro?

So now, the catch. 

Time to decide between Elementor “Free” vs Pro.

You’ll notice above I said “a good chunk” of the features come with the free version. 

Well, that’s because some are reserved for Elementor Pro. 

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is of course the premium version of the above… with lots of extra features. 

Full disclosure, we use (and love) Elementor Pro. This Elementor Pro Review is therefore based on years of extremely thorough testing. 

Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

The difference between the standard and pro versions – with the free version you get access to the basic features, basic templates, and basic assets on the free version. 

It’s a good space to try Elementor out. 

Test the waters. 

But, on the pro version, you get all of the widgets and templates, all of the website kits, and all of the features and workflow automations that I’ve talked about. 

Pro costs $49 USD per year, so it’s really not a tonne of money. It’s up to you to decide whether to make the investment. 

Evidently, we got the pro. But we tend to opt for everything “premium” for the site. We’re slightly (super) obsessed with maintaining optimal user experience on the site.  

So was Elementar Pro worth it?

For us, absolutely.

It has allowed us to build our website seamlessly in a way other website builders can’t match. We’ll certainly be sticking with Elementor Pro for the foreseeable!

Should You Host Your Website With Elementor?

If you’re brand new to making a website, you can also pay $89 USD per year to get all of those features and a hosted site on Elementor. 

Elementor’s website hosting is another great service. 

Hosted websites come with WordPress pre-installed (an absolute must). This leaves you ready to crack on with the important stuff… creating your masterpiece! Hosting with Elementor also adds peace of mind due to optimal security features and daily website backups. They’re also built for speed, utilizing CDN by cloudflare (as used by Kinsta) and offering 50Gb Bandwidth. Hosting accounts include Elementor Pro and start at $7.50/month – definitely worth checking out. 

Elementor Vs WordPress

What are the benefits of Elementor Vs WordPress?

This is a very common question. 

Actually, Elementor and WordPress are synergistic… they work as a team!

WordPress is the platform and Elementor is a bonus plugin, making it easier to build your website. 

The answer to Elementor Vs WordPress is therefore… both!

    So Is Elementor Pro Worth It For You?

    So, after all of this… Is it worth it? 

    If you’re going to listen to the opinions of internet dwellers…

    Then yes. Very worth it.

    On WordPress alone it has over 5,400 5-star reviews, averaging a 4.7 / 5 overall on more than 6,000 ratings. 

    On lots of other sites it’s also pulling in 4.5/5, 9.3/10, and lots of other high ratings.

    So, according to the internet, it’s great. 

    But I know you’re not here to talk about other people, you want to know what I think! 

    Sorry to disappoint but my answer isn’t ground-breaking. 

    My answer is yes… Elementor Pro kicks ass at web design and I definitely recommend it if you’re on WordPress. For coding rookies like myself, it certainly helped to simplify, expedite and improve our website design process.

    But that’s all from me on our Elementor Pro review! 

    Now get out there and blog your heart out! 

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