Is Free Blog Hosting Ever Worth It?

is free blog hosting worth it?

Do you want to start a blog but don’t want to pay vast amounts of money to a blog hosting website? We hear ya! Luckily, there are now free blog hosting websites… However, are free blog hosting websites worth the money you save?

Free blog hosting is not worth it. The administrator of the website can’t run ads that pay them, even though the hosting website runs ads. The hosting website also limits the formats and fonts that can be used. However, most free website hosts have paid plans available that allow users more freedom. These are certainly worth exploring in more detail…

Many people want to create a blog as cheaply as possible, but sometimes you need to pay a small amount of money to make money from your blog. 

Keep reading to find out which websites are the best ones to use for your blog.

Or… start your wordpress blog here.

Free Blog Hosts Issues

Free blog hosting websites are not worth the money that you will save by using the free rather than the paid version of the website.


When you use the free version of a website host, you are not using all of the features that the host site has available.

Those features are only available for paying users. This means you are not able to fully customize your website, and it may not be visually appealing to everyone that visits.

If you use a free blog hosting website, your blog likely won’t appear in search engine results and many people won’t see your blog. Appearing in search engine results is important for every blog because when someone goes to your website, you make money. Ka-ching!

However, you can’t make money from your blog if no one visits the site!

The URL that appears when you use a free blog hosting website is also considered unprofessional by many people.

When you use the free version of a website host, the URL that appears includes your site name and the host’s site name. If website visitors deem you unprofessional, they will not support you or visit your blog again, which means you will lose money


More Reasons To Avoid Free Blog Hosting

You also can’t be paid through ads if you use a free version of a website host. 

This. Is. Bad.

Many bloggers make huge amounts of money through ads because when someone clicks on their blog, they see an ad. The more people that click on the website, the more money the blogger makes.

However, you can’t control the ads that appear on your website when you use a free website host. Instead, the website host shows their ads, and they make money from your blog instead of you.

Blog hosting companies are already rich enough – don’t let them take your hard-earned ad money!

Furthermore, the free version of a hosting website is not supported by the website’s servers as well as the paid version is, which means loading times increase when you use a free website host. When a website takes more than 5-10 seconds to load, people stop trying to get to the site and you lose money.

Sometimes a website malfunctions because there is an issue with the website host. When that occurs while you are using a free website host, you will likely have no technological support from the host website.

This means that your website will malfunction, which causes you to lose money. If you pay for a website host, you often will receive support from the website’s technology experts. They can fix the issue quickly and easily most of the time, but the issue won’t be fixed if you don’t have the help you need.

free blog hosting

Popular Free Blog Hosting Websites

Listed below are some of the most popular website hosts that have free plans available. Although they all have free plans available, they also have paid plans available. The cost for each website is included below.


WordPress is one of the best and most popular website hosts.

And rightly so.

When you visit a blog, it is likely supported by WordPress. In fact, 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress!

Depending on the paid plan that you are subscribed to, you’ll benefit from access to technological help. You can also use the variety of formats and color schemes that WordPress has available to customize your website and make it visually appealing.

WordPress has 4 different plans available that you can pay for every year, as well as a free plan. Although the cost is shown as per month, they charge you every year. The plans are:

  • Personal
    • Cost: $4 per month
    • Create a custom website domain and have access to WordPress tech support. It is built for people who want to create a website for personal use.
  • Premium
    • Cost: $8 per month
    • You will have access to unique design tools and Google analytics support so your website will appear on search engine results.
  • Business
    • Cost: $25 per month
    • You will have access to custom plugins and themes to help you customize your website. WordPress tech support is available 24/7. Can store up to 200 GB of information and photos.
  • ECommerce
    • Cost: $45 per month
    • This is the best plan for those who have a business. You can grow your business and customize your website while using this WordPress plan.

HOWEVER our strong recommendation is to simply sign up through Bluehost. WordPress is pre-dowloaded for FREE and your total blog expenses should be less than $3/month!

You therefore avoid all of the problems with free blog hosting and have access to all of the WordPress features.

With your favourite coffee chain charging $5 for an Americano – a $3 investment into your blog should be an easy decision. 


Wix is a popular web host that has a free plan. The free plan is quite basic, but there are three paid plans available if you need access to more features that they have available.

  • Combo Plan
    • Cost: $19 per month
    • Can’t post your own advertisements, but you have access to most of Wix’s formats and design templates.
  • Unlimited
    • Cost: $25 per month
    • You will have access to everything available in previously mentioned plans, as well as more storage access.
  • Business Basic
    • Cost: $30 per month
    • This is the best Wix plan for those who own their own business. This plan allows you to sell and book items. You have to use Wix Booking or Wix Hotels, but you will receive some of the proceeds that come from the sales from your website if you have the Business Basic plan.

Having built websites with both Bluehost/Wordpress and Wix, I would definitely recommend you choose the former. 

However you don’t have to listen to me!

Time To Choose Your Blog Host!

Overall, it is up to you if you choose to use the free version of a website host, but the paid plans offer many more helpful features.

This will help promote your blog and increase the chances of success. 

The main thing is, avoid analysis paralysis! 

Just choose one and start your blog now. 

We can help:

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