Stocks are Crashing, Should I Sell?

Should I sell my stocks? You might be wondering this now with stock prices plummeting around the globe in response to the Corona (COVID19) virus. I’d say no, don’t start panic selling your investments.

Why do you Invest?

You have to remember the reasons you invest. Why do you buy stocks every month? Is it because I told you so?

Or is it because you want to build wealth for the next decades? If it is the latter, you should not worry about a 15% decline in stock prices, especially not when the reason is a virus outbreak.

Now remember, I am not giving investment advice here, but I believe we should stay invested. I know I am.

With my favourite fund VWRL hitting record high prices of over 88 euros this month, we’re currently trading at just below 76 euros.

VWRL is below 76 euros at time of writing (2020-02-28) after an all-time high of more than 88 euros

So Should I Then Buy More Stocks Now?

I’m a consultant. The answer is always “it depends”.

If you like a little gamble, sure go ahead. But it isn’t my advice.

What I, personally, will be doing is the same thing I do every month. I pay myself on the first of the month, and then transfer money to my DeGiro account. There, I buy stocks. But I don’t time the market.

If next Monday VWRL is at 88 euros again, so be it. I will buy expensive stocks. If it is below 70 euros, maybe I got lucky and buy cheap stocks. But maybe even at a price like that I’m unlucky – I mean it could crash far below that.

In the end, nobody knows what the market is going to do. I think prices could drop a little further, but I will just buy on Monday and then do nothing.

If you want to buy cheaper stocks today than they were a week ago, consider creating an account with DeGiro using my affiliate link below.

Oh, and please stay safe during the Corona lockdown.

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1 thought on “Stocks are Crashing, Should I Sell?”

  1. I have some extra cash available because of a bonus payout this month. I have put some buy orders in for VRWL at certain prices, looking forward to getting the orders filled.
    Besides that, I’m buying stocks monthly and not trying to time anything. Time in the market beats timing the market!

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